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Hassle free house clearances

House Clearance Plymouth offer a complete solution in the Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall areas. Whatever your house clearance needs may be we can provide you with the exact level of service you require, be it: cluttered and densely packed house clearances, normal house content clearance, badly soiled properties, offices, garages, flats, bedsits etc. We will also take into account any specific client requirements as we fully comprehend that no two jobs are alike. Get in touch to find out more. Contact us

Full cleaning service

In certain circumstances a full cleanup service may be required. This is quite often the case where the property being cleared has become heavily soiled over the years. Rest assured that, in these cases and no matter the condition, we will sympathetically restore the property to its former condition regardless of time taken.

Auction service

As we are part of a long established auction company, Community Auctions, we are in the very best possible position to be able to recycle many of the house clearance items back into the community via our auction house in Liskeard. In these cases, our clearance fee can often be reduced or even waived

  • Economically sound

    Our house clearance rates actually prove to be a more financially viable alternative to hiring a skip yourself.

  • Delicate Packing service

    Fragile valuables are safe in the hands of Plymouth House Clearance due to our delicate packing protocol.

  • Dedicated help line

    Should you have any queries at any stage, simply give us a call between 9am and 5pm on our dedicated help line

  • Recycle and disposal

    All attempts are made to recycle any items removed, and all tip licenses are held where recycling is not possible

House clearance charges*

Mover /Hr 2 Men - prices from: 3 Men - prices from:
Single item £30 /hr £45 /hr
Plus Small truck £50 /hr £75 /hr
Plus Medium truck £140 /hr £185 /hr

* prices above are based on extreme cases where the majority of cleared items cannot be sold or recycled. In most cases, prices are much lower and sometimes even waived depending on the contents.

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House clearance tips

  • Plan ahead - when do you need the property cleared by?
  • Choose a reputable and professional clearance company.
  • Get in touch with utility companies to verify service end dates.
Personal items for keeping
  • Label boxes on all sides so you can see what it contains in a stack without having to move everything around.
  • Clearly mark any boxes containing fragile goods.
  • Consider shredding personal documents to prevent identity theft.

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